Saturday, November 27, 2010

I am a shell boyfriend?

okay busy week due to Thanksgiving and I still have not had the time to decompress from the whirlwind trip to Colorado.

Today when I got home from work around 8 am ish I was told that they are are feeling disconnected from me and I am not me right now. I am there body but I am not home. It was another one of those lets gang up om him conversations where they point out how much of a "guy" I am being.

There is a lot going on right now and I am in my head a lot lately. The job is going full time from being a contractor (wage negations, insurance issues, and other unknowns), there is issues with one of my better renters, I went up a belt hole or 2 (depending on the day), and just a general mehness to myself.

It did come up that apparently I am not taking enough time for myself. The only time I have for myself is at work which I think woks for me for the most part but they want me to do something more for me. and I need to come up with a list for next year of things I want to do. I have white knight issues apparently and need to think of myself more often.

So what to do for just me right now....?

a photography class?
scuba class.... be a good time for dry suit training?
A snowboard trip?
a trip to Colorado to see Tron Legacy with my buds?
spending some time with the St Bernard with a trainer to get her working on becoming a search and rescue dog?

Key points

1) I am distracted from the relationship
2) I need to unwind with something other than what I normally do at work
3) I have no idea what would be the best to do to unwind with

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