Sunday, January 9, 2011

do you think about what you write

I am wondering, do the other Poly bloggers think about what they write and then decide not to post it? I have a few posting sitting in draft mode that never got posted for various reasons and in some cases the time to post them has disappeared so they got deleted today. Other times I write about things and then think " that might land me in hot water" so I scape the whole thing. Then there is the "Do they really want me talking about this for the world to see?" This is why my blog has been so quite for the last two months. there has been a lot going on and many of these things going on involve the family in very private ways for the women and they have been rather consuming. How do you as other bloggers talk about things like that? The more i think about it the more I see that ether our lives need to be exposed to the word in an anonymous form and every thing gets discussed or I shut down this blog all together.

lots of thinking to do. but for now I will be back trying to post at least once a week.