Saturday, October 2, 2010

Being Spontaneous

My good girl was feeling cooped up, She had a bit of the cabin fever and wanted to get out. As I was not adverse to being out in the world that day we decide to go drive with the destination of west and an ETA of whenever. These are my favorite types of trips. You never know when you are going to get there or where you are going to be when you get there.

We stopped to pick up the 3rd in our relationship and it surprised my independent woman. This is not exactly something she is used to. She has not had us just show up before nor has she ever just drove just to drive. She was asleep when we got to her place so it took a bit for her to get ready and it gave me a chance to get the two dogs out and let them explore the park next to her place a bit. It is going to be a long trip and they need to stretch their paws as well.

We leave and hit the road. My independent woman is trying to grasp the point of the why for awhile. My good girl and I explain the point of the trip is the trip itself. We are driving to have a good time, no other agenda just go. To see places we have not been before. My independent woman get the idea and asks so if that is the plane we should not take the same route back. This is a great idea. When I drive I normally do take the same path back but as this is Tuesday, the cats can take care of them self's and I do not have to be back at work till Thursday this seems like a good idea. If we get lost we can always find our way back in time.

We drive down I90 for awhile and end up at the Illinois and Wisconsin boarder heading north. We decide that it is time to fix our course and keep gong west. We left the interstate and hit the state highways. State highways are the way to really get to see a place. The interstates are good for getting some where fats but you do not really get to see the places that make a place special. the out of the way spots that are just incredible. You need to be willing to go local to get that.

We drive for awhile and end up in a Town called Galena. This is a great spot and happens to be the site of President Grant's home. It was too late in the day to visit but it was a good time for dinner. We drive around the town a bit looking for something local. We made this trip why eat at some place we can get at home. On main street there is a small little place called the Victory Cafe. It a nice Americana cooking and they use the old world war II victory posters as the theme. It would have been nice if the used real ones and not reprints but it was not a big deal. They did have original painting from a local artist of local scenes which were amazing. It was a nice restaurant with good food except for the vegetables. They spend a great deal of care and attention to the main food and gives us what is best described as Bird's Eye frozen vegetables. I am not saying they are bad but they were a disappointment to what otherwise was a good meal.

Back in the Grand Cherokee and over the great river. I get to share my love of the Mississippi river with my two women. I love the river and its history I have spent little time on it but it is part of me it flows though my heart and pulls me to it. Someday I will touch her waters and commune with her but not today.

Night falls and we follow the river on the Iowa side down to I-80 and then take I-80 back home. It is late and my independent woman is asleep in the back with the puppies so my good girl and I sing to a group I have on my I-phone. The group is a bunch of rennies who sing pirate songs, The Corsairs. They are no longer together but their stuff can still be bought. It is fin music and worth a listen.

we make it in the the Chicago area and my good girl and myself are exhausted. The independent woman takes over the driving and I am out of it for the rest of the trip home. We make it in shower and then off to bed for us for a good deep sleep.

It was a good trip and a great bonding experience for all three of us. I look forward to many more fun things with my two women as time goes on.

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