Saturday, September 25, 2010

a good week and a loss from the outside

This week draws to a close and I find that it has been good at least I think it has. The two women in my life spend time at the apartment and we stayed together. there were no hurt feelings no rubbing each other the Wong way, things worked. My independent woman took time for her self during the days there and I got to spend time with both women giving each of them one on one time and they got to spend time with just the two of them. No one mentioned that they needed more time and I trust both women to let me know this. A huge step in a happy household has been made this past week. We had found a way to live together in the short term and our communication is always improving. Things are moving forward at a good rate not to fast but not stagnate either. As things get more involved it is nice to see how we are able to work out issue that do pop up from time to time.

My independent woman also had her eyes opened a bit. Both women are allowed to have other relationships as well. My independent woman was looking at a man who seemed okay. He was well off and had a wife with a few girlfriends. He brought out a side of her I could not and she liked it and wanted to explore that side more. My good girl noticed that he would make comments which would cause my independent woman to talk more submissive and actually be more submissive. The independent woman is not normally this way and she was teased about it a bit. When talked to about it by the independent woman the man denied it all and even said he took offence to the matter. He is experienced in the matters of domination and submission and he should be aware that as a dominate person you do have to train the submissive up a bit so they match your needs better. No submissive is a perfect fit for you but they are willing to be shaped in to it. His reaction has ended the relationship between the tow of them and for this I am sad. but tat the same time she will be exploring that side with my good girl. I like seeing that the bonds of trust grow between all of us and am excited about how things will develop in the future between all three of us both emotionally and mentally.

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