Sunday, October 17, 2010

Interrupted by virus

okay so the plan was for a long stay but unfortunately it was interrupted by the flu. My independent woman got it and we needed to take care of her and make her feel all better and then get her off to her home so she could get healthy and off to school. Sick happens; it is nothing to get upset about and things will get put on hold for next week right? WRONG... My good girl and myself got the flu and were sick that next week. My independent woman was good and took care of us while we were bed ridden. This did not lend well to getting her emotional needs taken care of the past two weeks but we are going to do that.

Being poly has its trials on of which is making sure every body gets the proper amount of attention where it is just about them. My good girl has an advantage here as she lives in the apartment with me so she can get me times when ever where as things need to get planned out for my independent woman. The living situation is going to change at some point and we are all ready making plans for it. The spare bedroom is storage for my kayaks right now. It was a goo place for them when I moved in but now they are in the way. I have found a place to store them and just need to move them there. The plan is to move them after I get back from dealing with some court issues back in Colorado (ex tenants want their $800 damage deposit back even though it was a few thousand dollar repair) in early November. So she will have her own room all her own when she visits and it will be ready for when it is time for her to move in. I know that it is odd to sleep in separate rooms with your lover but in this case it is about sleeping habits. My good girl and myself sleep with every thing but a fan off where as the independent woman sleeps with there being a TV or something on for her comfort. by having the separate rooms it allows us to sleep our best. Of course with the second bedroom being taken up by my independent woman if a kid does happen to come along we are going to have to find a bigger place.


  1. Hi Rev Nat you sound like a very interesting person and thanks very much for following my blog.
    I will go and check out your Church of Luv blog if I can find it. Links on here don't seem to be leaping out at me

    It's nice to read about happy poly situations.


  2. Nice to meet you Sage. Sorry for the late response you popped in durring a very busy time. I see that your are closing your Poly blog and I am a bit saddened by that as I liked reading about your insites, but I do look forward to following your other blog.