Saturday, October 23, 2010

We All Live in a Yellow Apartment.

also is is more red instead of yellow....

A huge mile stone has been passed. Come next week my Kayaks are being moved it to storage and a bed is coming in. My independent woman will be moving in. Well she all ready really has moved in but now the rest of her stuff is coming over. This is going to go a long way to helping her emotional health as well as making all of us feel closer as a family. family can be a stressful thing and even more stressful when you can not pick your first family. Getting the chance to go from your family you had as a child to the family you make as an adult is a great thing and getting to share that experience with the independent woman is a special thing.

Speaking of family my good girl and me have started to take a little one very seriously. We have been doing the day count method with no success and now got a BBT thermometer. We started taking her temperature and say the temperature spike. The spike happened before the time we counted for her ovulation by a few days and Knowing that things needs to waiting for the egg before the temperature spike we have been missing the time frame. We have also picked up ovulation kits which we are going to start using next moth to determine when she actually does ovulate. All three of us are excited about the idea of a little one and the independent woman is gleeful at the idea of having a little one. Due to my past experiences a little one is a scary thing but I am also looking forward to this more and more as we take steps closer and closer to the day we have conception.

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