Monday, August 30, 2010

the Drop

There is a term called drop. It is where after exiting a intense session bad feeling come in and the mind starts becoming negative. Good aftercare significantly reduces drop and no aftercare make drop worse.

The night before we take her home I eat her out once more. I am feeling a bit frisky so i let her calm down right before she climaxes, build her back up, and let her calm down again. after the 5th time i let her go all the way and she climaxes hard. She can not even move because she is so in to the afterglow. We go out for one last cigarette for her and I follow helping her out as walking is not coming easy for her. We talk for a bit and take her back to bed. I get her all set to go with blankets and what not and then head to bed and sleep myself. This was a mistake.

in the past the new woman had not needed any aftercare as was doing well with no dropping. So I figure as it was not a major change as it was still oral there was now after care needed and I just went on my merry way to sleep. I was wrong and wrong badly. I went to sleep and she stay up for awhile not liking the fact I went to sleep and was not there to comfort her and other thoughts that go with drop.

The next Am my good girl and myself are startled to get snapped at by the new woman and we want to find out why. Things were so good and now this happens. We are not going to just go "Oh well" and leave it like a lot of people do. It is important to know what happened. We drive her home and talk to her though the whole drive. How she is doing what she is feeling and what is going on. By the time we get her home the new woman feels much better about herself and what happened. She is willing to keep exploring this side of her and looks forward to seeing us again.

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