Monday, August 30, 2010

A start

I have always been interested in women. I have dated women and was not really happy with just one. I wanted more. normally I would just flirt with other women and that would be it. My girl friends would get upset over this and it would cause problems. No matter how hard I tried to be a good boyfriend and not be interested in other women I would fail. Over time I realized that I am not a one woman man. I want the stay at home wife who creates a home and is there for the child and there when I get home; I want a career woman who wants to make it in life and have a life of her own. A strong and determined woman. These wants do not fit in to one woman. Asking some one to be both is not realistic and actually imposable. the requirements for a house wife do not lend to having a career and vice versa. I also want a woman who is strong willed and feisty but at the same time submissive and accommodating. Again not something I am going to find in a woman. When I found a woman that me one set of requirements I was wanting the others. I was always told not to settle so I have not. and I have lucked out and found two wonderful woman that make me happy and fulfilled

My good girl. She is the housewife and the caretaker. She is there when I need her to be supportive and always willing to listen to what I have to say. I always feel safe with her and do not have to worry about what I saw or how I say it. She has been with me for a long time just as a friend, then as a confidant, now as a lover. We had a few false starts but now we have started and things are great. She is my good happy slow burn. There is always a fire with her.

My, actually I can use the term "my: as she is not owned, so the other woman in my life is independent and does not need any one in her life, She is ready to take the big scary world on all alone and do what she needs to do. No man is going to make her change her plans. She was there did that and will not do it again. She is a fighter and likes it that way. We were going to meet over coffee and things between the three of us moved quickly. It is a hot bonfire with her and I can come away scarred if things go badly.

This place is for my own private thoughts. To help me organize them and put them down. If you want to read go ahead I am a public person. It is also for the two women in my life to come here and see what I am going though in ways I understand it.

Communication is the key and this is another way they can come to help understand me and whats on my mind and in my heart.

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